Parish history group is formed

By April 18th, 2024No Comments

This week a new History Sub Group of St Mary’s Restoration Committee met. This group has been formed as the parish is required to investigate, preserve, and present it’s historical heritage as a qualification for certain grants. 

The newly formed group is full of enthusiasm, local knowledge and expertise, however it is also open to new members who have similar interests and talents. To enable you to decided whether you’d be interested in joining hereafter follows a broad remit for the group: 

1. To produce (an updated/Modern) version of the Historical Record of St Mary’s (building upon the previous Anniversary Booklets and other archive material). 

2. To create a historical novel about St Mary’s to stimulate interest in the Restoration Project and the Parish in general. 

3. To produce Historical Display boards highlighting interesting aspects of St Mary’s Heritage. 

4. To develop St Mary’s website into a historical archive. 

5. To create an Interactive Visitor’s Leaflet. 

6. To create a catalogue of historical material. 

7. To investigate the historical link between the parish and the school. 

8. To record an oral history of the parish. 

If you have any stories to tell about St Mary’s or indeed are interested in joining the group please contact Mary or George Burton via the parish email address.